Tackle the Spring Allergy with Clean Fresh Air Indoor

Tackle the Spring Allergy with Clean Fresh Air Indoor

Blooming spring is beautiful and romantic for most of people. However, to some seasonal allergy people, spring is a love-and-hate season when pollens from trees, grass, plants and flowers are everywhere. 

Runny nose, itchy eyes, scratchy throat and irritating skins...

It's okay to be uncomfortable, as long as there are protective measures. Wearing a mask when going out is one of the best protective methods.

That's right, but you have to choose the right one, otherwise it will have no effect. What type of mask product is more suitable for current use?

There are two key factors:

  • High filtration accuracy
  • The resistance to breathing should be low

These two factors are often perceived as irreconcilable contradictions. Indeed, the vast majority of masks that claim to have excellent filtering accuracy feel suffocating and oppressive when worn. Sometimes it feels like they are wearing a golden hoop, but the introduction of active ventilation masks directly overturns this viewpoint.

The advantage of the BROAD FB2 active mobile electric mask is to form a micro-positive pressure space inside the mask through active air supply, and add H13 advanced filter material HEPA filter, which allows users to have both excellent filtering effect and comfortable use experience. The wind is not stuffy, and the filtering effect is 99.9%. Such products have gradually become popular in the market.


The problem of going out has been solved, but what about indoors? If you open the window, in addition to pollen, the humid air from March to May allows bacteria to rapidly multiply, and outdoor PM2.5, mold spores, and so on all begin to act recklessly indoors.

During the changing seasons, these "toxic air" can make children, the elderly, and those with allergies, even if they stay indoors, susceptible to seasonal fever or strong allergic symptoms. Because the pathogens (bacteria, viruses) of these infectious diseases attach to small particles, pollen catkins, pet hair and dandruff, and the recent hot and rainy weather makes it easier for dust and dandruff to attach to the air, making the air a habitat for various viruses. This invisible "toxic air" penetrates everywhere, from heaven to earth, and even to the human body, causing various respiratory diseases.

Clean Fresh Air is the Key.

Whether it's at home, working indoors, or studying at school, eliminating the source of the disease is the key to reducing illness during the season of "toxic air". How to eliminate the source of the disease? To control "toxic air", it is recommended to install a fresh air system, which can not only filter pollen and willow catkins, detoxify and sterilize them, but also ensure that the entire house has good fresh air; No need to open windows inside the house, which also avoids the possibility of mosquito borne diseases.

In the fresh air system, taking the BROAD ERV fresh air ventilation system as an example, electrostatic dust removal and sterilization technology is used to adsorb dust smaller than PM2.5 through static electricity and continuously release 6000 volts of high-voltage static electricity, instantly killing bacteria and viruses. At the same time, BROAD ERV fresh air ventilation system can quickly remove almost all pet hair, dander, and pollen in the air through three-stage filtration, with 99.9% filtration of PM2.5. It easily makes indoor air 100 times cleaner than outdoor air, completely eliminating the spread of allergens and pathogens.