BROAD U.S.A. is a privately held company headquartered in New Jersey. Leveraging our innovative and environmentally-friendly technology, BROAD U.S.A. provides a wide range of air purifiers and ERV (energy recovery ventilation) systems to deliver healthier and cleaner air quality for indoor spaces in commercial, industrial, healthcare, and residential settings in the US market.
BROAD Innovation
BROAD Group holds more than 400 technology patents covering from non-electric chiller, CHP system to energy recovery ventilator, wearable air purifiers  and sustainable stainless steel buildings. Here is the TOP 10 BROAD innovations that have rewritten the manufacturing history.  
BROAD Mission
We are a Environment-Social-and-Governance Responsible Company. We use Decarbonized and Durable, Clean and Safe technology to provide our customers with energy-efficient, low carbon and sustainable solutions. We hold 400+ technology patents to combat the deteriorating environment and social problems. Our mission is to improve our overall working and living environment with our advanced but sustainable technology to deliver a better future for all humanity.
Core Value
In our era of global warming, environmental deterioration, and ozone depletion, BROAD continues to innovate and invest in our absorption chiller, now in the 12th generation to cut the carbon emissions. In the era of deteriorating air quality, BROAD has abandoned our ROI model and invested heavily in air purification systems that provide 100% fresh air with no recycled air. We believe that environmental protection is more important than profit.