BROAD Innovation




Providing cooling with fuel saves 4-time energy conversions and doubles energy efficiency

The technology of providing cooling from fuel is invented by BROAD from scratch, which counters to the common sense. It has broken the monopoly of providing cooling from electricity and has been sold all over the world in just a few years. Why? Because we've digested the second law of thermodynamics: with each energy conversion, there is always energy loss. We understand electric aircons require five energy conversions to produce the cool air. They are fuel → thermal energy → mechanical energy → electric energy → mechanical energy → cold air. While BROAD directly provides cooling in one energy conversion, the energy efficiency is undoubtedly doubled. What's more, the separate heating technology invented by BROAD combines cooling, heating and hot water in one chiller, successfully eliminating the threat of boiler explosion accompanying electric aircon operation.


The first company that serves central aircon customers with a thinking of ''Internet+'' 

Several months after witnessing the paralysis of an entire building caused by an unexpected shutdown of central aircon, we invented a remote monitoring technology that collects information through telephone lines, and enables every non-electric aircon user to enjoy a 24/7 service. Today, when reviewing this invention developed 19 years ago in the era of ''Internet+'' , we are surprised to find out that BROAD has made itself the pioneer of ''Internet +'' .



Achieves zero emission with exhaust heat as power source 

For more than 100 years, thermal power plants are far from urban areas and waste heat cannot be utilized. The energy loss from voltage fluctuation and long-distance power transmission has reached 2/3 in vain, but this centralized energy model has been regarded as reasonable enough all the time. In 1999, BROAD invented the distributed energy model - the CHP System powered by exhaust heat from turbine generator. This system has been applied in more than 70 countries and has at least doubled the energy efficiency of each project, which equals to zero energy cost for cooling and heating. With the growing awareness of climate change crisis, distributed CHP system will ultimately take place of bulk grid, just as mobile communications will fully take over wired communications.



Saves 3/4 energy consumption than that of traditional ones 

In traditional central aircon system, the supply and distribution system of cooling water, chilled water and hot water consumes 1/3 of the whole system's energy. To correct this apparent unreasonable phenomenon, BROAD invented the packaged distribution system which saves an average of 3/4 energy consumption instantly. Meanwhile, the reliability of the distribution system has been improved to the same level as that of a chiller. This incredible energy saving miracle is indeed not mysterious, it's attributed to the zero-resistance filter and intelligent control technology BROAD has invented. The core is, we need the solutions of the 21st century to solve the problems of the 21st century, and that is, to replace ''blind design'' with industrial research, and to replace on-site construction with factory production.



Allows common people to detect PM2.5 anytime anywhere 

It seems to be just a simple technical innovation to downsize the professional industrial detecting instruments for dust, CO2 and electromagnetic radiation into a portable tool that is affordable and easy to use for common people. However, this invention has actually cultivated an ideological revolution - it ignited the ''PM2.5'' fever in China. Probably in the near future, when detecting environmental pollution personally becomes a daily habit for most people, humans will get rid of the expanding material desire and evolve into ''the era of conscious living'' from ''the era of consumerism'' .



Easily cleans indoor air 100 times better than that outdoors 

Perhaps nobody else in the world has ever thought of making the indoor air 100 times cleaner than outdoors before BROAD. However, BROAD has made it possible in an affordable cost for common people. Chinese people keep complaining about PM2.5, but the fact is, even people in developed countries also live in rooms with heavy PM2.5 and oxygen deficiency: indoor air pollution has become a common challenge for mankind. BROAD Clean Fresh Air Machine filters PM2.5 by 99.9%, and its ventilation power consumption is much lower than that of traditional products. In extreme cold and hot areas, it can even operate at negative cost. The overall human lifespan could be 20 years longer if all human in earth use BROAD Clean Fresh Air Machine. From curing disease to preventing disease, this is a signal of life consciousness. This is something that no medical technology can do.


Protects people from air pollution in any filthy environment 

Today, wearable technologies are everywhere, but we can rarely find what we really need, except the rechargeable, affordable and extremely light super air purifier - BROAD Mini Lung-Pro. It can filter PM2.5 by 99%, completely irradiate pollutants. It can also enlarge respiratory capacity, providing people with more comfort and energy. Although being small, the BROAD Mini Lung-Pro is the shelter in smoggy weather, the support for miners, construction workers and medical personnel for epidemic diseases, as well as the hope of survival for respiratory patients.


5 times higher filtration efficiency than that of masks 

Humans have been using mask for over 200 years but seldom doubt its effect. According to research, low-density mask has low filtration efficiency and same for high density mask, as air could travel freely from the space between your face and the mask. With micro space imagination, BROAD invented the Nasal Lung-Pro, it has a filtration efficiency at least 5 times higher than that of a mask and is more breathable and comfortable, even cheaper. As almost the tiniest product, it will bring changes to the most people in the world. The only flaw is that people might not get used to the look of the Nasal Lung-Pro on their face. However, we believe humans will eventually be aware of the inefficiency of mask. 



Completely eradicates PM2.5 and bacteria to root out aircon disease 

Aircon disease which is caused by bacteria bred in condensed water of fan coils has been harming mankind's health for almost one hundred years since the invention of aircon, then why not completely stop bacteria to the coils? With this question, BROAD invented an air conditioner installed with super-high efficient filter - Aircon LungPro, which can filter PM2.5 by 99%, making coils clean enough to lick and completely clearing away the hotbed for bacteria. Surprisingly enough, with the invention of centrifugal fan with super high compression ratio instead of cross-flow fan, BROAD Aircon Lung-Pro is much thinner than traditional product, and the power consumption of the centrifugal fan remains almost unchanged compares with air conditioner with no filtration function. Great invention is always disruptive of deeply-rooted thinking model.


Improves human life quality with buildings 

For the past century, all walks of life have undergone tremendous changes, with the construction industry as the only exception - designers working behind the closed doors, unfixed contractors and migrant workers, and ''ants moving'' construction mode. Whether in developing or developed countries, they are all alike. Since 2009, BROAD has invested RMB 4 billion to the invention of Sustainable Buildings featuring industrialized building R&D, streamlined production, container-like transportation and standardized installation, reaching no collapse in 9-magnitude earthquake, 100% factory-made, 5 times more energy saving and 100 times better air purification. It has advanced the world architecture technology 100 years forward, and has improved the living quality of mankind overall. When the video of ''a 57F building constructed in 19 days'' went viral in 2015, people with high sensitivity are aware that the world history is about to be changed dramatically.