Clean Air Shelter
BROAD U.S.A donated two high-performance electrostatic air purifiers TA2000 for Crossroads Community Services, a non-profit organization located in midtown Manhattan. We initiated a "Clean Air Shelter" to combat hazardous air and high PM2.5 levels in the NYC. It demonstrates our mission to "deliver 100 times cleaner and fresher indoor air than outdoor" and provide a safe and healthy indoor environment for the most vulnerable group.
Chinatown Manpower Project
After learning CMP teachers and students suffered from lack of fresh air in the tightly sealed building, BROAD U.S.A deployed its Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) systems. 18 units of FF100 Fresh Air ERV with integrated HEPA were installed in each classroom. The ERV fresh air machine was invented by BROAD in 2008, and works by exchanging stale indoor air with fresh outdoor while minimizing the loss of energy from heating or cooling. The BROAD FF100 saves significant energy and removes PM2.5 by 99.9%, providing a safe and comfortable indoor space for teachers and students.

United Jewish Appeal (UJA)
United Jewish Appeal (UJA) deployed 25 units of BROAD air purifiers in their Manhattan and Syosset New York locations. The air purifiers deployed cover varying indoor space areas, and work by applying a positive charge to the air which eliminates pathogens and clears allergens. A negative grid made from an aluminum alloy then pulls the charged dust out of the air to create a clean, healthy indoor environment.
China Institute
BROAD TB400 units were installed in the classrooms and office at China Institute in Lower Manhattan, New York
New Jersey Symophony Orchestra
BROAD USA donated several TA400 units for NJSO staff to safely go back to work after Covid-19.
Continental Plaza
New Jersey 
Several TA2000 units were installed at hallway and cafeteria area in our headquarters' office building.

Clients Review

The BROAD TB400 is perfect for 600 sqft office lobby area. It's quiet, easy to use and maintain. The energy efficiency of the unit and relatively lower maintenance particularly lower filtration replacement cost mean a large saving over time. 

Jie Hayes FRM

Managing Principal Songbird Capital

The air purifiers have been of great use to China Institute, contributing to a safe, comfortable environment for staff and visitors and making it possible for us to consider opening our classrooms up for summer camps in July.

Michael Buening

Director of Operations, China Institute

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