BROAD Air Purifiers to Combat High PM2.5 Levels in New York City

clean air shelter

July 26, 2023, New York, Manhattan ——BROAD U.S.A. is pleased to announce the donation of two BROAD Air Purifiers to Cross Community Services, located at St. Bartholomew’s church in mid-town Manhattan.  Crossroads was established in 1989 to help put an end to hunger and homelessness, and actively and generously supports our neighbors in need with wholesome meals every morning and evening.  

BROAD U.S.A. provided two TA2000 Air Purifiers to create a "Clean Air Shelter" for the public use when PM2.5 levels in the city become high due to events such as the current Canadian wildfires. Through our leading electrostatic purification technology, we will build a "safe haven a hundred times cleaner than the outdoor air" for New Yorkers to combat the air pollution crisis in the city.  It also creates a safer and more comfortable living and working environment for those who are affected by the health of outdoor air quality.

Sunny Wang, President of BROAD U.S.A. mentioned, "We are pleased to provide a cleaner and healthier operating environment for Crossroads Community Services volunteers, guests and staff. Today's donation ceremony will be the starting point for our ambitious Clean Air Shelters initiative. In the future, we will bring high-performance indoor air quality solutions to more local communities and organizations to fortify our mission to combat the City’s air pollution problem. We will focus on providing more solutions to protect the health of sensitive groups who may be more affected by air pollution. ”

Jesse Ramos, Executive Director of Crossroads remarked, “Crossroads has served 209,464 meals to over 65,216 guests from January through June 30 this year.  We provide hot breakfast 4 days a week and dinner every day, along with a pantry service every Thursday where we distribute food for thousands of meals.  We even have a delivery service for people in need who are not able to come. We’re very grateful for this extraordinary gift from BROAD U.S.A. to provide clean air in our facility.”