Deliver Clean Air for All Humans

Deliver Clean Air for All Humans

Leading the industry development with ingenuity, interpreting the brand power with strength

BROAD Air Technology Co., Ltd., was founded in 2005 in Changsha Hunan, China, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BROAD Group. It's a high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales and service, specializing in providing comprehensive air quality solutions and creating a new ecological life platform based on air quality services.


"Clean Air Shared by All Humans"

Broad Air adheres to the corporate mission of "Clean air shared by all humans", and takes "Healthy air New life" as the brand concept, and is committed to bringing clean air to everyone, every family and every organization, so that everyone has the right to breathe clean air. Through original innovative technology, users can enjoy pure breathing in the whole scene of home, travel, study, office, entertainment, and start a safe and comfortable new life.


Continuous Innovation Shows Brand Strength

Broad has been deeply engaged in the field of air quality for more than 30 years, with strong technical research and development strength. In 2005, it began to make efforts in the field of air purification, focusing on the research and development of air purification technology and products, and launched clean fresh air machines, with 100 times cleaner indoor air, as well as a full range of air purification products and air detection instruments, from commercial, household to wearable.


Broad Air takes improving respiratory quality as its own responsibility, and has participated in the formulation of a number of national and local fresh air and air purification industry standards. Broad Air is the leading industry brand in the field of domestic air purification, with the strongest professional technology and the most complete product line.

Up to now, Broad Air has more than 140 patents, built a professional air quality research center, and has gathered an experienced product design and R&D team to continuously promote the innovative experience of products and services, and will lead the new fashion of comfortable home.

Craftsman Spirit Forging Excellent Products

As the pioneer of China's fresh air industry, Broad Air has always been in the forefront. As early as 2008, Broad Air understood the threat of indoor air pollution to human health and developed the world's first heat recovery fresh air machine to solve the problem of indoor air pollution. In 2019, BROAD Clean Fresh Air Machine became the only fresh air brand selected in the fourth batch of green manufacturing list of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology by virtue of its high-quality design, excellent function, energy conservation and environmental protection.


Through advanced design, new materials and new technologies, BROAD Clean Fresh Air Machine has extended its service life from the industry average of 10 years to 40 years; By adopting the three-stage filtration technology, the second stage electrostatic filter with 98% PM2.5 filtration efficiency extends the replacement time of the HEPA filter to 2 to 5 years, and finally reaches 99.9% filtration of PM2.5, realizing that the indoor air is 100 times cleaner than the outdoor air.

When the American standard of "30% fresh air and 70% return air" is widely used in the fresh air system around the world, Broad Air always adheres to 100% fresh air, combined with up to 80% heat recovery technology, to isolate the return air pollution and avoid cross infection of indoor personnel while saving energy. In the three years, BROAD Air's persistence in 100% fresh air has also been proved.


Strict Quality Control Attentive User Service

Broad Air is not only the only enterprise that can provide a complete set of air quality solutions with professional technology and services, but also the only enterprise in the industry that quantifies the effect of fresh air and makes a commitment in the contract that "the indoor air is 100 times cleaner than the outdoor air, and the fresh air outlet is 1000 times cleaner than the outdoor air". If it fails to meet the standards, Broad will undertake the responsibilities of commissioning, maintenance, replacement, return, etc.

The courage to promise comes from high confidence in products. The main products of Broad Air have not only passed the ISO9001 certification, but also passed the European CE and international CB certification. It has won the "AWE Award", which is known as the Oscar of the household appliance industry, the "Top Ten Recommended Products of Fresh Air System" issued by China Fresh Air Network, and the "2022 Consumer Trust Home Brand" issued by Global Network.

The reason that BROAD air products can be fully recognized by the industry and users depends on high-quality service. Broad air service engineers attach importance to user experience, sincerely care about user health, always remember and practice Broad service concept, take "ensure that indoor by using clean fresh air systems is 100 times cleaner than outdoor, and maintain this level for life" as the mission, and continue to provide users with clean air, only to serve more and better.


At present, Broad Air products cover fresh air systems, air purifiers, wearable air purification equipment, air detection instruments, etc. With its original core technology, excellent product performance and considerate and perfect service, Broad Air products have been sold to more than 80 countries and regions around the world, and are widely used in residential, office buildings, hospitals, hotels, schools, shopping malls and other places, so that more people can breathe good air and enjoy a new life.