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For a new startup company, perhaps profit is most valued. For mid-sized companies similar to us, the scale is more important. However, BROAD is a company distinguished by products, service, and management that are guided by values. So what sort of enterprise does that make us?

It is in an era of social transformation in China plagued by vague moral standards that BROAD has been sticking to the principle of 7 "Nos" & 1 "without" which reads: no environmental pollution, no technology plagiarism, no customers cheating, no vicious competition, no chain debts, no tax dodging, no bribery, and without malicious conscience. Here, we believe that our morals are more important than competition.

It is in an era of sprawling operation that BROAD has been sticking to developing technologies merely beneficial to mankind, sticking to only what it is good at, namely good products others cannot make and quality service others cannot provide. Here, we believe that responsibility is more important than growth.

It is in an era of global warming, environment deterioration, and ozone depletion that BROAD specializes in CFC-free & most energy efficient "non-electric air conditioning" and cooling-heating-power (CHP) system, refusing the temptation from the electric air conditioning market, promoting widely building thermal insulation, trying to cut 80% of air conditioning sales to customers. Here, we believe that environmental protection is more important than profit.

It is in an era of deteriorating air quality increasing diseases worldwide that BROAD has abandoned its practice of ROI, invested huge human resources & capital in developing super air purification & micro air detecting technologies. Human health is just as important as our own.

It is in an era of accelerating urbanization and low energy efficient building construction that BROAD has challenged the conventional building tradition, developed globally the most energy-efficient, the safest & healthiest factory-made sustainable buildings, taken the risks commercially, able to demonstrate the colossal complex integrated all urban functions. The future of the human race is more important that the future of us individuals.

It is in an era of indifferent interpersonal relationships & chaotic business ecology that BROAD has been focusing on caring for employees, being royal to customers and being fair to vendors. Friendship is more important than gains and loss.

CEO Office BROAD Group

Written on August 30, 2003

Revised on January 17, 2013


How are our values reflected in our core product lines?

In our era of global warming, environmental deterioration, and ozone depletion, BROAD continues to innovate and invest in our absorption chiller, now in the 12th generation,  to capture waste heat for power and contribute zero ozone depletion, because we believe that environmental protection is more important than profit.

In our era of deteriorating air quality, BROAD has abandoned our ROI model and invested huge sums in air purification systems that provide 100% fresh air with no recycled air, unlike the 70% return air/30% fresh air of most conventional air handlers.

In our era of pandemic caused by COVID-19, BROAD has developed a Negative Pressure Isolation (NPI) facility by combining our expertise in prefabricated stainless steel buildings with our air purification prowess to develop a treatment center than can be built in days, and protects medical staff and enables them to treat patients in the safest environment possible.  Another innovating product others cannot make, backed by service others cannot provide, because we believe that human health is more important than profit this year or next.

 In our era of accelerating urbanization, BROAD has brought for a new structural material made of hardened stainless steel:  B-CORE.  Tall buildings can now be built without concrete or carbon steel, which together account for over 12% of total global emissions.  B-CORE challenges conventional building traditions, providing the more energy efficient, healthiest buildings which have an almost unlimited lifespan as stainless steel is so non-corrosive.  BROAD poured huge investments into this technology, because the future of the human race is more important than the future of us an individuals.

Every day, BROAD aims to demonstrate our loyalty to our customers, fairness to our vendors, and dedication to our employees.  Long term relationships are more important than gains or losses.