Electrostatic Dust Cleaning

Tungsten filaments constantly release high voltage static electricity and charge all dust particles with positive charge, which will then be absorbed by negatively charged aluminum plates. Electrostatic cleaner can filter infinitely tiny particles(smaller than PM2. 

Electrostatic Bacteria Killing

Tungsten filaments release 6000V static electricity to kill bacteria and virus instantaneously, and prevent the spreading of various airborne diseases.

Formaldehyde Eradication
The active carbon sheet absorb formaldehyde, benzene, nicotine and other types of VOC.

Oxygen Deficiency Monitoring
The CO2 sensor monitors the indoor CO2 concentration level to alarm customers with indoor oxygen deficiency.


Model Number: TA1000-2
Capacity (CFM): 588
Dimensions (L x W x H (Inches): 12.6*9.1*33.4 in 
Power (W): 28-62W 
Voltage (V): 110/ 220
After-sales Service Provided: Return and Replacement
Warranty: 2 years
Certification: ce, RoHS
Application: Hotel, Commercial, Household, Household purifier
Power Source: Electric
Gaseous Pollutant CADR: 428
Featured Function: Electrostatic Bacteria Killing
Recommended Room Siz(square feet): 269~538SF
Product name: Air Purifier TA1000-2
Color: White
Product Size: 12.6*9.1*33.4 in
Weight: 52.9 LB
Service: 2 year
Power supply: Electric
PM2.5: 99%
Applicable Area: 269~538SF



Package photo: 

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