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FB2 AirPro Mask - BROAD Fresh Air

FB2 AirPro Mask | Filtering 99.9% PM2.5 & HEPA-Grade Rechargeable KN95 MASK Mobile Usage

BROAD AIRPRO MASK (MODEL: FB2) The BROAD AirPro Mask is an ultra-light rechargeable HEPA filter that everyone can afford. It can filter PM2.5 by 99.9%, protecting people from air pollution anywhere. In addition,...
FC2 AirPro Car - BROAD Fresh Air

FC2 AirPro Car | Portable & Easy Clean Air Purifier for Car

$15.00 – $99.99
Reliable travel partner Purify your car within 8 minutes with BROAD Airpro Car. 3-level fan speed, meet varioud demand.  Easy to operate, just press On button. 3 design details reduce...
TA400 Air Purifier - BROAD Fresh Air

TA400 Air Purifier | Three-stage purification Eliminate Dust, Bacteria and VoCs for Household Use

Electrostatic Dust Cleaning Tungsten filaments constantly release high voltage static electricity and charge all dust particles with positive charge, which will then be absorbed by negatively charged aluminum plates. Electrostatic...
SQ300 Air Purifier With Fresh Air Function - BROAD Fresh Air

SQ300 Air Purifier With Fresh Air Function

SQ300 Air Purifier With Fresh Air Function
CGQ-143 HEPA Filter - BROAD Fresh Air

CGQ-143 HEPA Filter

For AirPro Car FC2 and AirPro CO2 sensor FC3
CGQ-290 HEPA Filter - BROAD Fresh Air

CGQ-290 HEPA Filter

For FE6 AirPro Fresh, FE5 AirPro Sample, FD2 AirPro Home
TC5000 Air Purifier - BROAD Fresh Air

TC5000 Air Purifier | Electrostatic Air Purifier PM2.5 & HEPA Filter for Commercial & Industrial Space

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Particle CADR: 5000 m³/h Work voltage: 110-220 V Power: 110-500 W Suggeted Room Size: 110~220 m2 (1184 ~ 2368 sqft) Motor: DC Speed: Stepless adjustment Filter: Corse filter +...
FF100 Fresh Air Unit - BROAD Fresh Air

FF100 Fresh Air Unit | Wall-Mounted Energy Recovery Ventilator for Home

FF100 Wall Mounted ERV Energy Recovery Ventilator Fresh Air Machine for Home  10 Times Fresher Air 100 Time Less PM2.5   • PM2.5 filtration rate: 99% • Fresh air heat recovery...

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