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FB2 AirPro Mask - BROAD Fresh Air

FB2 AirPro Mask | Filtering 99.9% PM2.5 & HEPA-Grade Rechargeable KN95 MASK Mobile Usage

BROAD AIRPRO MASK (MODEL: FB2) The BROAD AirPro Mask is an ultra-light rechargeable HEPA filter that everyone can afford. It can filter PM2.5 by 99.9%, protecting people from air pollution anywhere. In addition,...
FC2 AirPro Car - BROAD Fresh Air

FC2 AirPro Car | Portable & Easy Clean Air Purifier for Car

$15.00 – $99.99
Reliable travel partner Purify your car within 8 minutes with BROAD Airpro Car. 3-level fan speed, meet varioud demand.  Easy to operate, just press On button. 3 design details reduce...
FC3 AirPro CO2 Sensor - BROAD Fresh Air

FC3 AirPro CO2 Sensor | Portable Air Purifier and CO2 Monitoring for Car

$15.00 – $229.99
Reliable travel partner Filter PM2.5 by 99% and purify your car within 8 minutes. 3-level fan speed, meet various demand. Easy to operate, just press On button. 3 design details...
FD2 AirPro Home - BROAD Fresh Air

FD2 AirPro Home | HEPA Filter Purifier for Single Room

Protecting your family's health· Filter PM2.5 by 99%. · Air Volume 200 m3/hr. · Area Coverage 10~20 m2. · Super Filter to be Replaced: every 3,000 hrs    Overview In stock: 10/15/2020 Model Number: FD2...

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