SQ 1500 | Bi-directional ERV Air Ventilation System for Industrial and Residential Use

BROAD Air Ventilation Single Room Ductless Installation Wall Mounted Fresh Ventilator

  • Filter: 3-stage filtration, PTFE H13 HEPA filter + Electrostatic precipitator + Coarse filter
  • Performance: 99.9%PM 2.5 filtration
  • efficiency: 100% fresh air ventilation without mixing recycled air;
  • 80% ERV heat recovery efficiency 
  • Applicable places: 300-500㎡ Room (3,229- 5,381 sqft)


1. Bi-directional fresh air ventilation machine,100% fresh & clean air without mixing recycled air, NO cross-contamination

2. 3-stage filtration system, 99.9% dust filtration effect: Indoor air is 100 times cleaner than outdoor air

3. 80% heat recovery effect: Recover heat and cooling from exhaust air, saving Air conditioner operation cost

4. Coarse filter and Electrostatic cleaner are metal material, washable: Long service life, no consumable

5. H13 PTFE HEPA filter could be replaced in 1-2 years, low consumable cost

6. 40 years machine design life and long service life

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