AirPro Mask Accessories

AirPro Mask Accessories
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FB2 Airpro Mask HEPA Filter - BROAD Fresh Air

FB2 Airpro Mask HEPA Filter

HEPA Filter Replacement  Broad Airpro mask HEPA filter needs to be replaced when the air volume is less than 70% or if it's dirty. The HEPA filter should be replaced after...
FB2 Pre Punched Mask (2 piece) - BROAD Fresh Air

FB2 Pre Punched Mask (2 piece)

Two of KN95 mask with tube hole  This KN95 Mask as spare part has the hole to fit the Airpro tube, the connector is not included. Professional care for your respiratory health; ...
FB2 Air Hose (16 inches) - BROAD Fresh Air

FB2 Air Hose (16 inches)

16 inches Air Hose - Broad Airpro Mask spare parts.   Air hose should be check before wear the Airpro hose, clean and disinfection when you replace the mask. the hose should replace...
FB2 Rechargeable Battery - BROAD Fresh Air

FB2 Rechargeable Battery

Li-Polymer Rechargeable Battery Broad Airpro Mask spare parts Battery model: HB-3 Nominal capacity: 2000mAh Nominal voltage : 3.7V Charging voltage limit : 4.2V Caution:  Do not disassembly the battery. Do...
FB2 Face Mask Joint - BROAD Fresh Air

FB2 Face Mask Joint

Broad Airpro Mask Joint 1 piece; Mask joint to Air hose connector, 1/2 inch hole;   
FB2 Tubing Joint - BROAD Fresh Air

FB2 Tubing Joint

Tubing joint, Air tube to air tube connector.     
FB2 Arm Band Kit - BROAD Fresh Air

FB2 Arm Band Kit

Arm Band + Extension tube + Tubing Joint 1. Airpro Mask Arm Belt Strap, Fit for arm size to 14 inches;  2. 6 inches short air Hose and tube to tube joint,...

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