Why Fresh air?


BROAD Fresh Air, Change Your Life Quality Dramatically

Immediate Benefits
∙ No dry throat with bitter taste when you wake up in the morning.
∙ Better feeling in many aspects in just a few days, like reduced phlegm and fatigue, and improved appetite.
∙ Less chance to catch cold. Quickly alleviate symptom for respiratory patients, especially asthma patients.
∙ No bad smell when you enter the room.
∙ No smell of formaldehyde for newly decorated rooms or no smell of cigarettes after smoking.
∙ No dust on desks or bed sheets even they are not cleaned for a long time.

Long-term Benefits
∙ The chance for cancer is greatly reduced since your lung, liver and kidney are protected from heavy metals in the air.
∙ The chance for organ related diseases such as diabetes, prostatitis and coronary heart is drastically reduced since your will have sufficient blood oxygen and normal endocrine and detoxification function due to the fresh air.
∙ Since there is no pollutants blocking the lung, blood oxygen supply is sufficient, cardiac load is reduced, blood circulation is smooth, and your immunity is enhanced.

One of BROAD’s Top 10 inventions: Clean Fresh Air Machine

Nobody in the world has dreamed that indoor air can be 100 times cleaner than outdoor air, except BROAD, who not only conceived but also made it a reality.
Most importantly, BROAD made it at an affordable cost, which is dozens of times lower than that of purification equipment in operation rooms. This is how you define real innovation.
What’s more, BROAD Clean Fresh Air Machine recovers 80 % heat, drastically saving air conditioning energy consumption while improving air quality.
We understand that it is human nature to follow. Most people will do nothing if they see others living well without fresh air machine, and they will even treat the whole fresh air machine installation process as a huge nuisance. Only a few thoughtful people will always try to improve their lives and will eventually become our customers. This is how you define a kindred spirit.
We suppose that if BROAD Clean Fresh Air Machine is popularized around the world, average human life could be prolonged by 20 years. Consequently, new medical technologies that are constantly being created will be seemly completely unimportant.
We believe regardless whether you buy any fresh air machines, because in the future there will be a focus on more conscientious living and a shift of emphasis from disease treatment to disease prevention.