What Kind of Air do We Really Need?

What Kind of Air do We Really Need


4 "No"s + 1 "Saving"

No dust: indoor air is 100 times cleaner than outdoor air

Currently in the modern society, purified water is considered a daily necessity. However, in the future, clean air would become even more vital.

BROAD Clean Fresh Air Machine, filters PM2.5 by 99.9%, makes your room spotless and safeguards your lifelong health

No hypoxia: eradicate the “sick building syndrome”

Insufficient ventilation will reduce oxygen level in blood, weaken immune and detoxification functions.

BROAD Clean Fresh Air Machine, brings in 100% fresh air, and completely removes CO2 and formaldehyde out of the room

No bacteria: static electronic bacterial killing

Outdoor air will carry in bacterias during flu and pollen season, causing families to catch illnesses without any clear indications.

BROAD Clean Air Machine is equipped with electrostatic cleaner to kill bacterias and blocks germs and pollen.

No noise: absolute silence

Ordinary fresh air systems are noisy which would spoil the mood and lower the standard of living.

BROAD Clean Fresh Air Machine operates under high air pressure. With the capability to provide clean air through a long path, it can be installed away from the living room or bedrooms that people stay frequently.

A/C energy saving: 80% heat is recovered

Expensive energy will be wasted if windows are open or fans are turned on for ventilation during A/C running season.

BROAD Clean Fresh Air Machine recovers 80% heat from the exhaust air, and helps you save more than you spend.