Electrostatic Air Purifier

The BROAD Electrostatic Air Purifier is the only product on the market that serves four distinct functions: Electrostatic Dust Cleaning, Ozone Disinfection, Toxic Gas elimination, and Oxygen Deficiency Monitoring. The Ozone generator destroys viruses and bacteria up to 10,000 times smaller than PM2.5. The area covered is up to 9500 sq ft depending on which model is deployed. The technology also enables setting up “Disinfection Cabins” at the point of entry for hospitals, factories, office buildings, schools and other facilities.

BROAD Purifier Saves Our Family from Pollution

  • Fewer illnesses such as cough, cold and influenza.
  • Far less like to to catch chronic diseases such as rhinitis, laryngitis and pneumonia, and can lessen the effects of asthma.
  • The risk of cancer, diabetes and other major diseases can be reduced dramatically

broad air purification

Air Purification – Electrostatic Dust Cleaning

Electrostatic air purification technology is at the top of the pyramid of air purification technologies, and its super filtration efficiency is superior to the physical filtration methods ( paper filter):

  1. Static electricity helps absorb infinitely tiny particles ( 10,000 time smaller than PM2.5)
  2. 6000V high-voltage static electricity kills microbes such as virus and bacteria, and clears away pollen.

However, two worldwide global challenges must first be faced:

  1. The capacity of static electricity changes with air humidity level. Excessive ozone is typically released at high humidity, while purification efficiency will be reduced at low humidity. BROAD’s unique patented technology of constant current and voltage has successfully solved  this problem.
  2. The electrostatic tungsten filament and the electrode grid will short out when coming into contact with fibers in the air or mosquitoes. A crackling sound will be heard and the tungsten filament will even get burnt. BROAD’s patented technology of an independent resistor circuit for every single tungsten filament has solved this problem.

BROAD Purifier Makes Viruses and Germs Less Scary

During the worldwide novel corona-virus pneumonia crisis in 2020, we found ozone disinfection to be the most effective measure with the least side effects and lowest cost to prevent the virus from spreading.

Dozens of anti-epidemic hospitals, such as the Leishenshan Hospital, Huoshenshan Hospital, and several mobile cabin hospitals have used BROAD Purifiers. During the anti-epidemic period, we have also applied ozone at different concentration levels to hospital wards, work areas and living areas for 24-hours uninterrupted operation, effectively curbing the spread of viruses.

BROAD air purification in hosptial

Air Disinfection – Additional Ozone Function

Ozone molecules consist of 3 oxygen atoms (Q3). About 95% of the ozone in the atmosphere comes from the photo-chemical reaction between the sun and plant volatiles, as well as the ionization between lighting and air. This product uses static electricity to simulate lighting to produce ozone.

Full coverage: When the disinfection function is activated, the ozone generator continuously generates ozone, which quickly penetrates into every corner and gap of the dwelling, overcoming the problem of ultraviolet sterilization which can only go straight up and down, leaving a dead zone of disinfection and the problem of eye injury.

High efficiency: A large number of scientific experiments have proved that the efficiency of ozone sterilization and antivirus is more than 200 times hight than that of chlorine.

Ultra-cleanliness: Ozone oxidizes microorganisms and organic matter in the air into carbon dioxide and water, and the excess is decomposed into oxygen without any residue. In contrast, chemical sanitizers such as 84 disinfectant (key component NaCIO) are toxic to the human body and have secondary pollution of residues, damaging the ecosystem.

Low cost: Using only small amounts s of electricity and no consumables, the cost is much lower than chemical disinfection.

Trustworthy: Since the invention of electrostatic duct cleaning technology in 2005, BROAD Clean Air has been devoted to researching the benefits and harms of ozone, and carefully exploring the rational application of ozone in different places and epidemic situations to find an effective way to prevent the global outbreak of infectious diseases, pioneering the utilization of ozone for the benefit of mankind.

4 in 1 Function

BROAD purifier is the only products in the world with 4 in 1 function ( BROAD patented).

  1. Electrostatic Dust Cleaning: The tungsten filament of the electrostatic cleaner continuously releases about 6000V high-voltage static electricity, and charges all particles with a positive charge, which will then be absorbed by a negatively charged electrode grid. Electrostatic cleaner can absorb infinitely small particles ( 10,000 time smaller than PM2.5).
  2. Ozone Disinfection: Equipped with ozone generator, the purifier can be used for air disinfection and object disinfection in infectious disease wards, operation rooms and places where people are gathered during the outbreak of epidemics, effectively killing bacteria and viruses. Even in seasons without infectious diseases, keeping a certain concentration of ozone indoors is conductive to preventing harm form microorganisms such as influenza virus and motes, as well as pollen.
  3. Formaldehyde Elimination: The active carbon sheet absorbs various volatile and toxic chemical gases(VOC) such as formaldehyde, benzene, nicotine, etc. In addition, ozone itself is strong oxidant, which can transform organic matter (VOC) into carbon, and itself into water an oxygen. For newly decorated or renovated rooms, use high concentration of ozone for fumigation for 1-2 days to completely eliminate formaldehyde.
  4. Oxygen Deficiency Monitoring: The CO2 sensor constantly monitors indoor CO2 concentration levels to alert customers if there is indoor oxygen deficiency.


  1. Applicable area depends on the degree of environmental pollution, etc.
  2. Since there is nearly no filtration resistance for electrostatic dust cleaning, the power consumption is extremely low. It is economical to work continuously 24 hours unless there is no one in the room.
  3. The filtration energy efficiency for BROAD Purifier is 9. China’s National Standard as per GB/T 19901-2015 is qualified, 5 is highly efficient.
  4. Warranty: 2 years form the date of purchase.