AirPro Mask Q&A


Does the AirPro Mask Powered Air-Purifying Respirator prevent COVID-19?
No, it can’t stop or prevent it, but neither can 3M KN95 mask. The mask is designed to decrease the risk to a great deal, reaching ≥95% filtration efficiency, but not 100% prevention.
What happens to the expelled air? The AirPro Mask  has an inhalation valve only, HEPA filtered air is delivered to the mask.  The fan, even on high speed, does not blow the air outside the mask, and exhaled air is filtered by the KN95 mask with a 95% filtration rate as per CDC guidelines.

How do I assemble the respirator?

  • Insert the plastic mask joint through the mask and connect the tube on the other side. *Please do not insert the tube through the mask first.
  • Connect the USB cable to a power source (many use the plug for their cellphone), and connect to the USB port on the side of the case. You will see the battery indicator lights. Charging time is 2-3 hours.
  • When the AirPro is fully charged, let it run for two hours before wearing to prime the filter.
  • When wearing, hold the power button on the side of the case for 2 seconds, then you can adjust between three different fan speeds.

How long can I wear the disposable mask?
Can I use my own KN95/N95 respirator masks with the AirPro? Yes, the mask is replaceable.  You can order replacement masks from Amazon, or use another N95/KN95 mask and cut a hole in the mask.
View the video for cutting a hole at

How do I punch a hole in the respirator mask?

  • Prepare a new mask and draw a 0.47-0.55 inch circle on the left or right side near the nostril
  • Fold the circle in half and cut the hole with scissors
  • Connect the mask to the mask joint, then connect the air tube

View the video at 

Can the tube fit over the valve on my own mask?

The AirPro Mask and tubes were not designed to fit over the valves or vents of other powered respirators. The diameter size of the tube is approximately .5 inches.
The CDC has recently advised against wearing powered respirators that have valves or vents that allow exhaled air to be expelled out.  Note the BROAD AirPro Mask does not have an exhalation valve.  The product has an inhalation valve only.

How long does the filter last?
The HEPA filter should be replaced every 500 hours, or about 2 months if using for an 8-hours shift, 5 days a week.  If using infrequently, you can replace the filter every 3-4 months.

Where can I get the carbon filter?


How long can I wear the AirPro before it needs to be recharged?

Capacity: Fully charged

Level 1 –  lasts up to 8 hours

Level 2 – lasts up to 7 hours

Level 3 – lasts up to 6 hours

What is included in the box?

Package contents (eff. 8/5/20)

2 – hole punched KN95

1 – Air tube

1 – Filter case, containing a lithium battery, fan and HEPA H13 filter

2 – Joints

1 – USB cable

How long is the Air Tube?

Approximately 15.5 inches

How many KN95 masks are included in the box?

Two hole-punched masks

Where is the AirPro Mask manufactured?

BROAD U.S.A. INC. is the brother company of the manufacturer BROAD Clean Air in China.

Do you make the masks in children sizes?

Sorry, no. We have only one type mask available. For children, you need to find a children size mask and punch a hole on it, and connect it with the HEPA machine to use it.

How long will it take to ship?

Shipping speeds are estimated: USPS – 7-15 days

UPS Ground 2-4 days

Where can I call for more information?

Customer Service Hotline – # 877-313-0163